5 Amazing Things To Know About #Apple Watch

1. Design
Jonathan Ive has brought the iconic Apple design and the shape that made the first iPhone so popular together into Apple Watch. Undoubtedly, it flaunts one hundred percent Apple style. The rounded edges look fantastic on this watch.



2. Straps & Watch Faces
With the Apple Watch, there’s a lot built in and considering the permanency of the platform, it may entice a lot more designers to build their own watch faces. The sheer variety in straps that Apple has introduced with the Watch will make it blend into any mood and any setting. There are metal ones, colorful sporty ones; we spotted a few leather ones and even rich gold ones.



3. User Interface
Apple has always been the king of interface design. Apple Watch’s circular interface is a pure joy to see on the little display. All of this is controllable using an interesting physical button called the Digital Crown, which works a lot like the jog dial on the iPod. However, it’s still unclear as to how it will work. Not only that, there are tons of apps and features to explore.



4. Share A Beat
Apple Watch has apps covering everything from messaging to calls to sketching little animated drawings using its touch features. Apple is very serious about the Watch and it is already starting to build an app ecosystem around the Watch, looking at advancing the apps through the Watch product lines.



5. Smart Health
A plethora of sensors on the underside of the watch exist to record and show you data about your activity using a variety of colorful rings. In just a glance, you can get all the reminders, goals and achievements with easy stats and graphics. Apple Watch sure spells doom for all the health bands out there, although the apps could breathe new life into their software. So your favorite health tracker software could make it to the Apple Watch.




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