How To Prevent #iPhone6 Charger Cable From Damage

Recently Apple has been accused of using inferior quality materials in their products and many users have complained about this. Today we look at a cool DIY trick that can help you save time and money on new charging power cords. Both MacBook’s and iPhone’s cords take a considerable amount of beating on regular use; especially the end that’s plugged into the device. The simplest way to protect the cord from splitting, bending and fraying is to secure a ballpoint pen spring around it. Follow the instructions below to get started:


  1. Disassemble a ballpoint pen and remove the metal spring from inside.
  2. Starting at one end and start wrapping the metal spring around the cord closest to the end that plugs into the device.

This helps to ensure that the end of your cord is protected, and any existing minor frays, splits and bends are contained so they don’t become worse. Did you find our tip useful or Do you have another cool trick to share? Then do so in the comment below.

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