5 New #Camera Tricks To Try On Your #iPhone6 & #iPhone6Plus

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were recently launched by Apple. The sales of these latest products have been record breaking. These new devices offer an 8MP back camera with advanced capabilities that far exceed its predecessors. The front facing camera is 1.2MP, which takes amazing selfies. Here are 5 cool tricks, sourced from to web to try out with your device.

A: Exposure


You can brighten or darken a photo (or video) in the preview pane with a simple slide – up to four f-stops in either direction.

1. Launch the Camera App and point it at your subject.

2. Tap anywhere on the live preview to bring up the focus point, then tap and hold on the sun icon that appears next to it.

3. You’ll see a slider that allows you to adjust the exposure. Drag your finger down to bring the exposure down (to make the photo darker) or up to bring the exposure level up (to make it brighter).

B: HD Slo-mo Video


Your new iPhone can shoot HD video at 240 frames per second.

1. Open Camera App and flick over to the Slo-Mo tab.

2. Begin recording to record video.

3. Playback (24 frames per second).

C: Time-lapse


1. Open the Camera app and flick all the way to the right to end up on Time-Lapse.

2. Press the red Record button and let the iPhone 6 do its thing.

3. Let it record a scene for an extended period of time.

4. Playback the video file or share it on social media and impress your friends.

Tip: be sure your iPhone 6 has enough battery and is placed on a tripod for optimum impact.

D: Timer Mode


iPhone 6 offers a timer mode, so you can set your phone to take the photo three seconds or 10 seconds after you activate the shutter.

1. Open Camera App.

2. Tap Photo and then press the little icon of a clock on the top of the screen (vertical orientation) or on the left side (horizontal view).


5: FaceTime HD


Front-facing FaceTime HD camera takes some remarkably good video.

1. Tap the green FaceTime app to place a call and see for yourself.

(The new FaceTime HD camera captures 81% more light and has improved face detection.)

You can also launch the Camera app and tap the small camera-switch icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to activate the FaceTime HD camera to shoot some video or take photos – including those in a new burst mode that snaps 10 photos per second.

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