#Samsung #GalaxyS6 Launched – Pictures, Specifications & Price

A premium metal and glass design, curved lines and a streamlined profile for a breathtakingly sophisticated silhouette. From its striking appearance to the way it feels in your hand, the Galaxy S6 is a phone designed like no other Samsung phone.



With Quick Launch, you’ll never miss a moment. The camera is ready to go in under 0.7 seconds. And with fast object tracking, you don’t even need to select what you’re shooting – simply press the shutter. The all-new, front-facing 5 MP camera comes with the world’s first, real-time, shadow-reduced (HDR) selective focus, so even in low light you can take clearer, brighter pictures.



When it’s time to recharge, be up and running at lightning speed – get up to 4 hours of time in about 10 minutes. And with wireless charging, you don’t have to connect to the charger. Simply place the Galaxy S6 on the charging pad and say goodbye to fussing with cables.



Built with a real 64-bit octa-core processor, the Galaxy S6 performs faster than any previous Samsung smartphone. Browsing and gaming are richer and more immersive. Increased processing power means no more waiting. So now you can upload, download and browse at speeds you’ve never experienced.



The Samsung TV screens you’ve loved for years are now in our best smartphone display ever. Vivid colours. Dramatic contrast. Even in sunlight, your documents, images and videos will leap off the 5.1″ Quad HD Super AMOLED® display.



Enjoy peace of mind with the Samsung Galaxy S6’s three powerful security solutions: KNOX, a fingerprint scanner, as well as temporarily generated card information, providing enhanced security through virtual encoding.


Smart Manager:

Smart Manager is a simple dashboard that lets you optimize battery life, check available space, note RAM and see your current security access – all in a single glance. Optimize your battery and storage. Helps reduce lag times quickly and easily. Enhance your ability to scan and sense malware invasion in real time and block access to harmful or sensitive sites. One glance, a few touches and you can help to get your Galaxy S6 running optimally.

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