iOS 11.3 Update Brings #iPhoneBatteryHealth (Beta) App To Speed Slow iPhones

Apple has released the highly anticipated software update for the iPhone that promises to give you greater visibility into your own health as well as the health of what could be a failing handset battery. Battery Health offers details on maximum battery capacity and peak performance capability, and for devices with degraded batteries, it provides information on if and when a device is being throttled with performance management features. It also provides a way for customers who do have a device with a degraded battery to turn off performance management all together. Available for iPhone 6 and later.

iPhone Battery Health (Beta)
– Displays information on iPhone maximum battery capacity and peak performance capability
– Indicates if the performance management feature that dynamically manages maximum performance to prevent unexpected shutdowns is on and includes the option to disable it
– Recommends if a battery needs to be replaced

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