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How To Exchange Your #Samsung #Note7 In Canada

Samsung Canada has recalled the Note7 phone sold between August 19, 2016 through to September 1, 2016.  Consumers are advised to power down their recalled Note7 devices and register for a new device at the Canadian Product Exchange website. Please see this link to Health Canada’s website for further information.

Developer Calling – Motorola Mods Needs Your Help

Motorola Moto Mods opens a world of possibilities for developers. The Development Program provides an chartered platform for innovation in the mobile space. Motorola is releasing their development kit, allowing everyone from small developers to established enterprises the opportunity to create the next generation of Moto Mods. It is called

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Apple Store Opens At World Trade Center NYC

Apple’s 10th New York City retail store opened its doors to public in the World Trade Center’s bustling transportation hub. Thousands of customers have already visited Apple World Trade Center, which draws inspiration from the surrounding Santiago Calatrava-designed structure to create a seamless space. Its a beautiful structure to swing by

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